Mission Goals/Objectives


The mission of the Law School is to nurture professionals in law education by focusing on theoretical instruction and practical training, inculcating in them: responsibility, high ethical standards, team spirit, and global view for national and world communities.


1. To develop law professionals with responsibility ,high morality, solidarity and devotion.

2. To develop law professionals with fundamental knowledge of law and capability of handling general legal affairs.

3. To develop law professionals with basic knowledge in foreign languages and information technology.

Core Competencies

1.To understand and reserch the general legal principles and notions in law.

2. To apply with thought, and solve legal problems.

3. To have ability to communicate, coordinate and deliver legel opinions clearly.

4.To grasp information technology and apply in legal specialized.

5. To deliver legal opinions and to have ability with communicate and coordinate.

6. To command foreign languages and international vision.